Guest Blog: My First Time (Again)

By Dale A. Clay

The last time I was in a theater production was my high school play “Guys and Dolls”  I played the part of Arvide Abernathy.  I loved getting on stage and learning how things worked.  I wanted to keep acting and singing but as often times happen, life got in the way.  Without much support to follow the dream of acting, I started making more music and still have a passion for this form of entertaining but acting was still in the back of my mind.

Let’s fast-forward thirty years.  After moving to various places around Ohio, I finally landed in Circleville, Ohio.  I got settled in my job and decided to look into this group in town called Roundtown Players.  I heard about an audition for the play “Rumors” and emailed Mary Maynard to see what I needed to do to audition.  I went in on a Monday night and got a call later that week to hear that I had gotten the role of Ernie Cusack.

Starting with the audition right into practices I felt like one of the family.  Just like the start of any relationship, there was a feeling out time, but I never felt like an intruder.  These people are professionals that take the craft seriously and helped me re-wet my feet.  Everyone was supportive and didn’t make me feel bad if I dropped a line (or two).  My experience with RTP is one that has been beyond enjoyable, and I plan on auditioning for more musicals and plays like “Wally’s Café,” the next play and “Guys and Dolls,” the next musical.  Let me end by encouraging anyone who wants to venture into acting or even learning the backstage working of the theater, come out and try out!  You never know if you never try!

How have the arts impacted your life?  Share your story with us! 


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