Guest Blog: High School Musical Changed My Life

By Brendan Gaines

Junior, Circleville High School

It all started after I sat in the crowd for Seussical!! After I watched, I just felt the atmosphere and right then I decided, I want to do something amazing like this. The next year, I didn’t audition but I came back to watch Thoroughly Modern Millie. Both of these musicals encouraged me to audition and helped me be on stage with these wonderful castmates in High School Musical! This is the story on how High School Musical has changed my life.

After reading that this year’s school production would be High School Musical, I was kind of iffy on auditioning. But, with the motivation of my parents and friends, I decided to try out for the show. So I took the time to watch High School Musical again and I was going to audition for a support or chorus role.
I had my audition all planned out. I took an information form, filled it out, and turned it back in. But, as I was going to originally audition for a small role. I had a sudden turn and decided to go for a lead role. I decided to try for Ryan. After my audition, I felt very comfortable with how it went down. Later on, I was hooked and I had definitely believed that I was going to be a very unique Alan character.
As I was ready to be Alan and ready to perform this entourage has his character, a curveball was thrown in the musical’s direction. Our character for Chad, had decided to leave. As a backup male character, I realized that this was a very a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I capitalized on it. I had successfully earned the role of becoming the NEW Chad!
I am very grateful for the opportunity that was given to me to become Chad. But, without the motivation from friends and family this would have never been possible. I am very thankful that I was given the opportunity to work with the best cast, crew, and staff I could ever ask for in my first musical. With this motivation, I have been encouraged to try out for a lead role next year, join show and/or symphonic choir, along with join Roundtown Players. I am very happy about my journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me in the future!! I have broken out of my shell and I am ready for the next step!!!

How have the arts changed your life?  Share your story with us!! 

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