Why You SHOULD Audition!

By Jenny Rhoads

Do you have an interest in auditioning for your local theatre group, but you just aren’t sure if you should? If you have an interest in performing, even if you’ve never tried it, you really should at least once in your life. Community theatres are always looking for more actors, artists, volunteers, or just people who are interested in learning more about the performing arts. So yes, you SHOULD try out for that next production. And here are just a few reasons why:

1. An opportunity to make new friends. Theatre people are some of the most accepting, fun, interesting people you will meet. In a community theatre, you will meet lots of members of the community who are involved in theatre for the fun of it. Being involved in a group increases your sense of belonging, personal identity, and commitment towards others.

2. Theatre has proven health benefits. Memorizing lines, blocking and dances help your memory. It helps get people out of the house, which aids in depression and anxiety. While working with a cast of diverse people, people learn about empathy towards others as well as teamwork. Performing also helps boost self-confidence and communication skills.

3. Help your local community. Without the volunteers and patrons of community theatre, it wouldn’t exist. While others in the community may be complaining about a lack of activities in the community, we can proudly state that there is a positive place for all ages to be engaged in the love of theatre and creative arts. Without actors auditioning for shows, theatres could not sustain.

Ohio has over 100 community theatres that are members of the Ohio Community Theatre Association. The United States has over 7,000 community theatres. There is a definite commitment to providing opportunities for amateurs to experience the performing arts. Why not be a part of that?

A lot of anxiety comes from just preparing for the audition. And my advice would be to contact the director of the production you wish to audition for, as they would have the best advice as to what you should expect. Don’t be afraid! Community theatre is a positive, accepting environment, and the directors are likely going to be more than happy to help a potential participant in their show!

Do you have any personal experiences with auditioning or trying something new?

Share your story with us!


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