Proposed Cultural Arts Center

In 2016, ArtsaRound adopted the proposal for a Pickaway County Cultural Arts Center.  A formal proposal was submitted to the City of Circleville to house this in a city-owned building, the Everts building located on the south end of town.  The city has yet to make a formal decision as to what to do with the building, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop working to make this dream a reality!

How you can become involved:

  1. Send an email to to join our mailing list
  2. Write a letter to a member of Circleville City Council explaining the need for a cultural arts center within our community.
  3. Write  a letter to the editor of the Circleville Herald, helping our community be aware that there are lots of people that are passionate about this issue.
  4. Attend a Circleville City Council Meeting – sometimes we go in groups!
  5. Share your ideas with us!

Previous Letters to the Editor

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